Where can I buy abortion pills in Qatar?

Where can I buy abortion pills in Qatar? Are you looking forward to buying abortion pills for sale in Qatar? And should you be buying them? Abortion pills include Cytotec misoprostol and mifepristone pills and all available in Doha, delivered safely to you address or pick up to our locations around Qatar. Whatsapp/Call Doctor Joy on +27640211696.

It is better to gain insight before you do anything, especially when it is relating your health and life. People calculate many pros and cons of multiple activities and things in their daily lives, but they often ignore it in cases of unwanted pregnancies.

There are multiple options and choices when it comes to terminating unwanted pregnancies, but the lack of knowledge and limited access propels many women to undergo unsafe methods of abortion.

Buying abortion pills for sale in Qatar without a doctor's prescription may seem an easy method to opt-out of the unplanned pregnancy, but the truth is that it is an unsafe method of abortion.

Here, in this post, we are not only bringing you the facts relating to abortion tablets for sale in Doha, Qatar but also intend to help you with your best legal, safe and confidential abortion options.

It is always best, to begin with listening to the needs of the reader. And we would like you also to please write your queries in the comment section for us to be able to help you with the best option for abortion in Qatar.

Abortion in Qatar: The legal scenario

What brings most women in most countries, especially the Middle East nations to fall in for unsafe methods of abortions is the legal status of abortions in these countries.

Although, the choice of whether to have a child or not at any part of life is very personal, yet when women get pregnant with unplanned pregnancies or when their choice is a 'NO', they have most legal doors closed to them.

Abortion in Qatar is illegal and is permitted only in events, if it is performed:

  • To save the woman's life. Three medical practitioners need to certify that the woman's life is endangered if the pregnancy is continued.
  • If the fetal deformities have been detected. It is important to note that not all fetal anomalies get legal permission for abortion. Very few deformities in which the child may not survive or there is no available cure for the disease are allowed to be terminated legally.

This is the major reason why women resort to unsafe abortions in Qatar. Not only the citizens of Qatar but also the ex-pat population residing there have to abide by the rules and regulations of the Qatar government.

Abortion for unmarried in Qatar:

Since the state religion of Qatar is Islam, abortion is illegal and also a punishable offence. Even for the permissible events, abortion in Qatar can be obtained only by married women. Consent of both the parents is essential and they even have to prove their marriage through a valid marriage certificate.

Abortion for unmarried women in Qatar has no legal option. But this does not mean that they do not have a legal option anywhere in the world.

If you are an unmarried woman seeking an abortion, do not buy abortion pills in Qatar without a prescription. They have side effects and the associated risk to benefit ratio is very high.

You have another legal, safe and confidential abortion in India option available to you which we will be discussing ahead in this post. Keep reading further so that you can make a wise decision.

Gestation length:

For the permissible events, abortion can be performed only up to 16 weeks of gestation only.

When is abortion in Qatar not your option?

Since abortions in Qatar are highly restricted, many women resort to unsafe abortions when they do not have the legal way to opt-out of their unwanted pregnancies. There are so many reasons that can end up in unplanned pregnancies. You do not have any legal choice of abortion in Qatar when:

  • Your pregnancy is a result of contraceptive failure.
  • Your pregnancy is an outcome of an immoral act like that of rape/incest.
  • You do not want the child due to socio-economic conditions.
  • You are unmarried or a single mother and do not want to have the child right now.
  • You are an ex-pat and not ready for the child right now. Or you are left alone with an unplanned pregnancy and the partner is residing somewhere else or due to any personal reason, the marriage is not the likely option and you want to get rid of the unwanted pregnancy.

All these reasons and more act as stress triggers for women and prompt them for unhealthy choices. But unsafe abortion is not the best way out. You do have the best options just like any other woman residing in any part of the world to travel to South Africa, India for a safe abortion which is not only legal and safe but also confidential.

We will get into how is that your best choice, but before that let us look into the side effects and complications of buying abortion pills without a prescription.

Risks and side effects of buying abortion pills in Qatar without prescription online or or from any illegal supplier:

Risks in terms of legality:

The first thing is that abortion in Qatar is illegal and if caught while availing one, you and your helper(s) both are liable to punishment by law.

Confidentiality of your unwanted pregnancy may come out. And you may become a victim of social stigma as well.

We intend to bring to your kind notice the legal abortion method that can have you saved from legal imprisonment or any other form of punishment that the law may decide for an illegal abortion.

Risks in terms of health and life:

This is the biggest risk women in Qatar take when they choose to buy abortion pills online or without a prescription. They may take it as the easiest method available for a secret abortion, but the truth is different.

They may or may not have a successful abortion and there is no method by which it can be predetermined that abortion will likely be completed or not.

There are many aspects when it comes to health and life risks associated with unsafe abortion methods and we have tried to mention them, in brief, to help you have insight before you make an abortion choice.

Abortion pills: What if you buy the wrong abortion pills?

Do you know what are abortion pills and how to administer them?

Do you know which abortion pills are safe and which ones are not?

Or do you rely on an illegal dealer or an online pharmacy for obtaining abortion pills? What if you buy the wrong set of pills? Will you be able to identify whether you have made a rightful purchase?

Even if you get the right abortion pills, how can you justify them being standard products or spurious or sub-standard pills meant for illegal sale?

Beware: If you didn't know, dealers may get you in for buying the wrong pills.

The piece of advice: Do not buy abortion pills through any illegal supplier or an online pharmacy without a valid prescription from a registered medical practitioner. Since the illegal sale of abortion tablets in Qatar is a punishable offence, getting a valid prescription may not be an open choice in Qatar. But you still can call on the American Hospital South Africa's helpline number and obtain professional advice and treatment.

Abortion pills: The expected method of working and the risk of incomplete abortion:

The expected:

The abortion pill method is expected to bring out an abortion by triggering the expulsion of the embryo and other gestation products from the uterus naturally through the vaginal route as the menstrual flow.

But not all pills that come as abortion pills for sale in Qatar are safe. The World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended two medicines as safe abortion pills. These are Mifepristone and Misoprostol.

Mifepristone, the first tablet deprives the embryo of the essential hormone, Progesterone that is essential for its growth, oxygen and other essential nutrients. Due to the same, the embryo gets detached from the endometrium, i.e., the uterine lining.

Misoprostol, the second pill is to be taken on the next day or hours later as suggested by the doctor. This pill works by expelling the embryo and other components. The medicine triggers the uterine contractions that bring about the evacuation of the embryo remnants through the vagina. This often appears as a heavy period.

The bleeding may last up to a week in case of successful abortion.

This is an expected case when you may try to terminate the unwanted pregnancy by medicines.

The Unexpected:

The outcome may or may not be as mentioned due to the aforementioned factors: the pills you buy, the quality of pills you buy and even the mode of administration.

It is the doctor who can prescribe the best method of abortion. Even if abortion pills is the preferred choice, the doctor will check for the exact length and location of pregnancy and also the mode of administration.

It is the registered medical practitioner only who can rightly mention when and how to administer the abortion pills. For some women, oral administration may deem fit, for example, if they are very early in their pregnancies or the embryo size is too small and can be easily detached.

But for some women, considering their medical conditions, medication they are on for any other medical problem(s), their body weight, body mass index, existing allergies, etc. the doctor may seem vaginal administration fit for evacuating the uterine cavity.

An important thing for you to know is that the medical method of termination, i.e., ending a pregnancy using abortion tablets is only 95% - 98% efficient and that too when done as per the doctor's prescription since he/she will justify the prescription if you meet the recommended criteria.

This means that the abortion may not be complete. And remnants of gestation may remain in the uterus. In case the bleeding lasts longer or is presented by fever, spotting to mild to moderate to heavy bleeding beyond 7 days accompanied by abdominal pain, there are chances of infection and incomplete abortion.

Beware: An incomplete abortion is completed by surgical method. And when you had to buy abortion pills through illegal methods in the first place, how will you obtain correctional surgery? What if you go for an unsafe surgical abortion to complete the abortion and you land up in another set of complications like negative impact on your future pregnancies, internal injury, infections, and others. Many women have even lost their lives to unsafe abortion methods.

The piece of advice: Never buy abortion pills without a prescription. Do not self-administer abortion pills.

Abortion pills and the associated risk of ectopic pregnancy:

Have you ever heard of an ectopic pregnancy?

Most probably, you may have checked for a Urine Pregnancy Test (UPT) upon a missed monthly period. But have you checked for the location of your pregnancy?

Never thought of that?

If you didn't know, this is to bring to your kind information that there are events of ectopic pregnancy where the pregnancy is not located as and where expected, the uterus. The fertilized egg (the embryo) travels down to the uterus through a narrow tube called the fallopian tube. A woman has two ovaries, one on each side of the pelvis. Both these ovaries are connected to the uterus through fallopian tubes.

In intrauterine pregnancies, i.e., in cases of normal pregnancies, the fertilized egg enters the uterus and gets attached to the endometrium and starts growing by deriving nutrition from the mother's body.

But sometimes what happens is that this embryo does not reach its destination, the uterus and remains in the mid-way, like the fallopian tube itself. It may get stuck there and start growing. Since the tube has a very narrow passing, it cannot sustain the growing embryo and may burst. This can lead to internal bleeding.

Beware: It is a case of emergency and needs urgent medical attention or it may even be fatal.

The Good News: The case of an ectopic pregnancy is preventable.

The piece of advice: Always visit the best abortion clinic where you will be checked for the length and location of the pregnancy before you are prescribed any method of abortion.

Travelling to South Africa for a legal, safe and confidential abortion:

Coming to your best option in terms of health, life, safety and confidentiality is to travel to a country where abortion is legal not only for its citizens but also for foreign women. And one such country where it's very convenient to travel is India.

Various factors that make India your favourite abortion destination:

  • Abortion is legal for a wide range of events including that of contraceptive failure.
  • You need not be married for abortion in India. You can avail of a legal abortion even as an unmarried girl or a single woman.
  • Only the woman's consent is required for abortion in India if she is an adult.
  • Abortion in India is legal for up to 20 weeks of gestation in general circumstances.

But you should not visit any random abortion clinic. It is always a good idea to check out the available abortion clinics and choose the best abortion clinic where besides legal abortion, you can avail a safe abortion since safety is the most important factor.

Travelling to South Africa:

Indian abortion laws are liberal and this makes it one of the best countries to consider having an abortion. India too is a vast country and you may need to select the best abortion clinic.

The staff:

Again, several factors govern it in being the best, like that of best healthcare facilities, highly qualified, extensively trained and experienced staff (physicians, gynaecologists, anaesthetists, nurses, pharmacists, laboratory technicians, paramedics and assistant staff).

Healthcare facilities:

The hospital is equipped with several latest equipment and medical technologies. High standard quality medicines are used during the procedure and also prescribed for rapid post-abortion recovery.

The comfort of the patient:

The hospital is furnished very well in terms of infrastructure. Since the hospital has many patients coming from foreign countries to avail safe abortions, the hospital has been designed and maintained keeping the comfort of the patient who has travelled to South Africa for abortion.

Besides the patient, her companion can also relax in the private room allotted to each patient. Complete care is taken in the hospital to make the stay of the patient and her companion comfortable and stress-free.

Ease of access:

For a woman travelling from Qatar to JC, she can conveniently book a short flight. Direct flights take nearly 4 hours and can be booked at Skyscanner, Make My Trip, Clear Trip, Qatar Airways and many more. You can speak on JC'c helpline number and schedule an appointment. Accordingly, you can book your flights from Qatar to South Africa and a return flight the next day or as per your convenience and availability.

You can also book your hotel nearby the hospital or the airport. Since the majority of abortion procedures at JC are single-day OPD like procedures, you can expect to get discharged the same day. So, planning a short trip of a day or two is very easy and affordable.

Abortion procedures at JC:

JC follows the WHO's guidelines of Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC) for each abortion it performs.

As per WHO guidelines, the method of abortion is governed by the gestation length and location of the pregnancy.

  1. The medical method of abortion: It is the same abortion pill method as you may be thinking of availing illegally. But, at JC, this method is your choice only if you are less than 6-8 weeks pregnant and have an intrauterine pregnancy.

The abortion pills working is similar as mentioned but the doctor here first ascertains whether you are eligible for it or not. If you self-administer abortion pills after 8 weeks, the probability of an incomplete abortion increases.

At JC, location is also ascertained so that ectopic pregnancy complications can be ruled out. Even if you are carrying an ectopic pregnancy that is diagnosed early, laparoscopy surgery can be avoided and the abortion carried out only with the help of pills.

Since it is a two-appointment procedure and involves heavy bleeding besides the risk of incomplete abortion, most women who choose to visit JC for a successful abortion are inclined towards the Vacuum aspiration method of abortion which is mentioned below.

2. Vacuum Aspiration method of abortion: This method of abortion is recommended to end pregnancies that are less than 12 weeks. At JC, this is a very gentle procedure and takes between 3-10 minutes only to be completed. The procedure is absolutely painless and you can get discharged within an hour of abortion. After this, you can go to your hotel and rest.

In this method, the embryo is gently removed through the vagina by suction. It is nearly 100% efficient and you can be confident of a successful abortion before you step out of the clinic. Since most gestation products are already removed, bleeding may range from zero to a minimum.

3. Dilatation and Evacuation (D&E) or the surgical method of abortion: This method is recommended for pregnancies that have progressed beyond 12 weeks. At JC, this is also a gentle and painless procedure, nearly 100% efficient and a single appointment procedure that takes not more than 30 minutes. Even with this method, you can expect the discharge in a couple of hours as you feel comfortable.

With this method also, you can confidently return to Qatar with a successful and painless abortion and resume your day-to-day activities. Bleeding, in this case, may also be a minimum.

Whatever be the prescribed method of abortion for you at JC, you can expect the best treatment, both in terms of healthcare and the behaviour of doctors and other staff members.

The consultation, the abortion and your recovery (until you get discharged) are done in private. Your personal details are all kept confidential and cannot be disclosed to anyone in any case.

Many women resort to unsafe abortions only to avoid the doctor's and hospital's staff judgmental attitude when they want a secret abortion. But since unsafe abortions can endanger both your health and life, you may not consider the same when you have an easy, painless, gentle, non-judgmental, legal, safe, successful and confidential abortion in South Africa as a choice.

You may feel free to call JC's helpline number for any unaddressed queries or can contact via a message, WhatsApp or email. You can also request a callback or can also write to us in the comment section below.