Where can I buy abortion pills in Saudi Arabia?

Buy abortion pills in Saudi Arabia, home use cytotec misoprostol pills available in Saudi Arabia. Other essential pill need for abortion is mifepristone. Whatsapp now on +27640211696 for same day delivery. In this period the way we live and altering the way essential healthcare services are provided.

Our priority is to continue to deliver care to the women and pregnant people who need us in Saudi Arabia. During these unprecedented times, and even during the current national lockdown, we are open as usual and have recently launched a brand-new Home Abortion Pills service.

Keep reading for a 4-step guide to get abortion pills if you need them. 

What is a medical abortion (abortion pills) in Saudi Arabia?

Abortion is safe and common - 1 in 3 women will have an abortion in their lifetime.

A medical abortion uses medication to end a pregnancy. It is the safest treatment option for up to 9 weeks and 6 days of pregnancy for most people. Cytotec pills for sale in Saudi Arabia.

The treatment involves taking two types of medicine at two different times to end a pregnancy.

  • The first medication, mifepristone, stops the pregnancy from growing by blocking the hormone progesterone and causes separation of the pregnancy from the wall of the womb.
  • The second medication, misoprostol, causes the softening and opening of the cervix (neck of the womb) and contractions of the womb so that the pregnancy passes through the vagina. You will experience cramping and bleeding similar to a miscarriage.

Your 4-Step Guide to Home Abortion Pills in Saudi Arabia

1. Call/Whatsapp our advice line +27640211696

If you have had an unexpected positive pregnancy test, you may have mixed feelings about what to do next. You can always call/WhatsApp Doctor Joy on +27640211696: our experienced and trainer agents will be able to advise you and offer FREE counseling telephone appointments.

During this initial telephone consultation, we will discuss your pregnancy options and whether at-home abortion is the best for you.

REMEMBER: you don't need a GP referral to access our services.

2. Book a telephone consultation

If you choose to have an abortion and are eligible for at-home abortion (telemedicine), one of our specially trained nurses will call you at an agreed time to discuss your treatment and contraception needs. This would also give you an opportunity to ask any questions about your treatment and what to expect.

3. Receive your medical abortion pack

Following your consultation, you will have the choice of either collecting the pills from your preferred clinic or having them posted to you. Your Medical Abortion Pack will contain:

  • both sets of abortion pills,
  • a guide to taking the tablets at home, contraception,
  • an STI kit if this is permitted by the NHS in the woman's area,
  • contraception,
  • pain relief and an aftercare booklet.

4. Access our dedicated aftercare line

Recovery time after an abortion will be different for everyone, but you'll usually feel better within a few days. However, if you feel like you're experiencing any problems - either physical or emotional - after the treatment, we're here to help. You can call our aftercare line 24 hours a day and talk to one of our friendly, experienced nurses. You can always call our dedicated aftercare line: +27640211696.

Visiting an Abortion Clinic

If you don't meet safety criteria to allow for remote consultation, or if you prefer to have an appointment with one of our nurses, we will invite you to one of our over 60 abortion clinics across the Dammam and Riyadh for a face-to-face appointment.

Why is "At Home Abortion" so Important?

This new service will prevent thousands of women each month from having to make medically unnecessary journeys to abortion clinics while travel restrictions are in place during the COVID-19 pandemic, supporting social distancing measures and reducing the risk of spreading COVID-19 amongst women, clinic team members including doctors, nurses and midwives and the wider public.

This new "telemedicine" service will bring much needed relief to the thousands of women each month who access abortion care, as well as ease the pressure on abortion providers, so that they can continue to deliver high-quality abortion care to all who need it.